Bar no. 5


installation & performance

Bar no. 5 is the fifth high-gloss black lacquered bar in a row that Margriet Craens built. This bar is presented as an autonomous art installation. Despite the present beverage bottles, hardly any drinks are served and the ice cubes melt aimlessly in a transparent container. When the bar is staffed, the bartender gives sessions in Social Hygiene - inspired by the course that required for every hospitality entrepreneur in the Netherlands. According to the textbook, Social Hygiene means that people take each other into account and respect each other's physical and mental health. In practice, this often turns out to be not that easy, both in life in and outside the hospitality industry. Bar no. 5 therefore offers a modified version of this Social Hygiene course for the guests at the bar, through short, personal sessions. The glass bottles are specially designed for these sessions and help to represent the guests personal social struggles. 

special thanks to:
Peerke Malschaert, Judith Kerssemakers, Kim Stoeldraaijers, Ad Waterschoot, Bob Copray, Lucas Maassen, Mondriaanfonds